International Association for Music and Medicine

The International Association for Music & Medicine is a registered non-profit organisation formed in 2009 to encourage and support the use of music in medical contexts including research into the benefits of music, and its specialised applications in healthcare.



IAMM With You: In Conversation

Join us for this series of live-streamed interviews with professionals around the world who work and play at the intersection of music and medicine/health, meeting approximately twice per month.

IAMM Global Café

The next IGC focuses on the possible intersection of music and medicine/health in Africa. Nsamu Moonga will host a panel of practitioners actively engaged in music and medicine/health in different African countries. Participants will have the opportunity to converse with the co-hosts, as well as each other.

IAMM Global Café - Africa Spotlight is hosted by Nsamu Moonga.

Member, Global Reporting Committee, IAMM


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Music, Music Medicine, and Music Therapy in the Era of COVID-19: A Sampling of Resources

Written by Ingrid Wheatley Rebling, Lukas Lanzilotti, Acksharaa Balaji, Grace Bigus, Sara Nagy, Edward Ortiz Almodovar, Jae Ung Park, and Carolina Vieira This blog…Read more

Music and Medicine Vol 13, No 2: Article Feature and Table of Contents 

Here is a preview of the new issue of Music and Medicine. 

Article Preview: The Effect of Music Therapy on Weight Gain among Preterm Infants…Read more

Non-COVID research in the midst of a pandemic: Lessons from music and neuroscience

Written by Karen M. Johnston, MD, Ph.D, Neurosurgery

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound influence on the science…Read more

Music and Medicine - The Official Journal of the IAMM

Music and Medicine is an interdisciplinary journal that serves as an integrative forum for clinical practice and research related to music interventions and applications of clinical music strategies in medicine.

Each peer reviewed issue offers original articles, case studies, editorial commentaries, and interviews from clinical medicine, the neurosciences, behavioral sciences, nursing, and social work that translate research from music, music psychology, music cognition, music neurology, and music therapy into scientifically valid clinical applications.

The goal for Music and Medicine is to bring together information that is currently dispersed across many disciplines throughout many publications.

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