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The 'Music and Medicine' international abstract Editor Bernardo Canga, works with a team of international translators to offer the journal's abstracts in as many languages as possible.

Our Team


German Translator: Monika Nöcker-Ribaupierre,

Monika Nöcker-Ribaupierre  has over 20 years of clinical experience, working in NICU, with developmentally delayed and multiply disabled children. Currently, her primary focus is auditory stimulation after premature birth. Prior to this, Monika was chair of the postgraduate music therapy training program at Freies Musikzentrum Munich e.V. and Vice President of the European Music Therapy Confederation. She is Vice-President of the International Society of Music in Medicine and serves on the scientific board of “Musiktherapeutische Umschau”, Bundesverband ”das frühgeborene Kind” e.V. and the Editorial Board of the interdisciplinary journal Music and Medicine. She has published a number of books, book chapters and articles.


Japanese Translator: Dr. Kana Okazaki-Sakaue, D.A, MT-BC, NRMT, ARAM

Kana is a music therapist trained both in UK and USA. She studied piano at the Royal
Academy of Music, London, England and was trained at the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre in London. She also obtained Master’s and Doctorate degree in Music Therapy at New York University, USA. She is currently working as an Associate Professor at the Kobe university, Japan and also serving as a board member and the chair of International Committee of the Japanese Music Therapy Association. She has also been involved as a committee member of Accreditation and Certification Commission of the World Federation for Music Therapy. She has been active as the Advisor for Tohoku Music Therapy Project, supporting music therapy work for survivors after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, since 2011. Her current clinical work includes special education setting as well as experiential training for music therapists and trainees. She supervises music therapists and other related professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists. Her specific research is about clinical improvisation.


Japanese translator: Aiko Onuma, MT-BC

Aiko Onuma is a music therapist/educator who works in the greater Boston area as well as internationally. Aiko is currently the president of “Kakehashi” Music Therapy Connection Group and provides music therapy services and individualized music instruction for all ages and levels. She holds a Bachelor degree of Music Therapy from Berklee College of Music.


Chinese Translator: Yi-Ying, MA, MT-BC

Yi-Ying currently works at Taipei Medical University Hospital in Taiwan, serving multiple population in medical setting. She completed graduate studies at Montclair State University in the U.S. and was clinically trained in Beth Israel Medical Center.


Korean Translator: Juri Yun, MT-DMtG, KCMT

Juri Yun is a certified music therapist in Germany (DMtG) and S. Korea (KCMT). Ms. Yun received Diplom from Music Therapy Institute Berlin in Germany and completed doctoral coursework in Music Therapy from Ewha Womans University. Ms. Yun currently serves as the clinical supervisor at Ewha and a researcher for the Ewha Music Wellness Center. Her clinical expertise lies in working with adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders and children with special needs.


Spanish Translator: Natalia Garrido

Natalia Garrido was born in Madrid, Spain, where she earned her Masters degree in Music Therapy from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. Her post-graduate work in Madrid was focused extensively on children living with physical and neurologic impairment, and emotional disturbance, as well as with pediatric patients admitted to cardiac unit of the Gregorio Marañón Hospital. Continuing this work internationally, Natalia provided music therapy to physically and emotionally challenged children form underprivileged areas and low resources in Mexico and India. Subsequently, she accepted the position as the 2010/11 Research Fellow for the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine in New York, NY. She has built a music therapy program in the oncology unit of the Hospital de Jaen, Spain where her work focuses on developing environmental music therapy, conducting research within the chemotherapy infusion suite and providing individual music psychotherapy. Natalia participated in the 2012 World Music Therapy Congress in Bangkok, Thailand. She was co-author in the research Effects of Monochord Music on Heart Rate Variability and Self-Reports of Relaxation in Healthy Adults conducting in School of Therapeutic Sciences, SRH University Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany. Since she came back to Spain, Natalia is currently working with elderly people who suffer Alzheimer and young people who are hospitalized in a mental health facility.

kate walker

French translator: Kate Walker

Kate Walker is an Australian currently studying a Master of Artistic Creation with a specialty in music therapy at the University of Paris, France. Her clinical music therapy experiences include children and adults with sensory deficiencies (specifically visual and auditory), as well as adults with various psychiatric disorders. With an academic background in music, psychology, and French, her research interests are the ways music interacts with our brains, the effects of cultural influences, and neurological music therapy. Kate was a presenter at the 2021 Online Conference for Music Therapy.


Turkish translator: Sukru Torun MD, MT-TR

Sukru Torun is a full-time Professor of Neurology with 30 years of experience and a music therapist authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Health in 2016 for Turkey. Currently, he is the chair of the first music therapy master training program approved by the Turkish Council of Higher Education in 2021 at Anadolu University Health Sciences Institute and the music therapy department. Dr. Torun is the member Complementary and Functional Medicine Scientific Board of the Ministry of Health. Also, serves in the workng groups of dementia-behavioral neurology, quality of life and neurorehabilitation of the Turkish Neurological Society. Having many scientific publications related to his fields of study, Dr. Torun is also one of the academic editors of PLoS ONE, a SCIE and SSCI indexed and Q1 category journal covered by WoS. Professor Torun continues his music therapy research and practice for developmental and acquired neuropsychosocial disorders in the country's first officially approved music therapy unit, which he established in Eskişehir in 2017.


Hebrew translator: Avi Gilboa

Avi Gilboa is head of the music therapy program at Bar-Ilan University, Israel. As a music therapist, he has worked with various clinical populations including children with ASD, children with ADHD, and hospitalized children. He has been teaching for more than 15 years on various subjects in music therapy and he initiated a unique course that uses music to bridge between students from conflicting cultures. His research articles are published in leading journals in the fields of music therapy and psychology of music, and recently, a book he co-edited on mistakes in music therapy was published. He very much enjoys working with his research students, many of which have successfully graduated as PhDs.


Greek translator: Maria Dimatati

Maria Dimatati has begun her first piano lessons at her early age. After she has acquired the piano diploma (D. Eunouhidou’s class) she achieved a Degree in Musicology / Music Pedagogics (AUTH). Her interest to enrich her academic background on the neuroscientific grounds of music led her to complete Postgraduate studies in Music Psychology (MSc in Music, Mind & Brain, UOL). She has published peer-reviewed research on Psychomusicology and she has presented her study on absolute pitch (AP) and congenital Visual Impairment (VI) at several International Conferences while she currently gives guest lectures to University and other Educational Institutions on the topic of Music Psychology. She has previously worked as a piano tutor and as a Music Educator in public and private elementary schools while she currently coordinates Music classes for infants and pre-schoolers and children with special needs. The last years, after she has attended further studies in Therapeutic Music (MHTP) she collaborated with Psychiatry Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers and Nursing Homes for the Elderly and the Greek Association of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders. Along with her activity on teaching and research she organises and gives improvisational music concerts in the context of music and wellbeing.