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Tune into Inclusion: Bridging Gaps through Music in Uganda

September 11 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm UTC+3

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Growing up as a person with a disability or a special condition in a society that is not sensitive to one’s challenges and needs can be extremely limiting, frustrating and isolating. We use music to ensure that children and young people living with a disability, or a special condition are included and that they get an equal opportunity to showcase their potential and thrive. Brass for Africa has in the past 3 years implemented music-based interventions for children and youth living with autism with majority being severe and non-verbal. We have also used music to improve life and bring joy for severe CP cases. Brass for Africa also brings the joy of music to a Rehabilitation Hospital that performs hundreds of rehabilitative surgeries on children. All our work takes a community approach, working with caregivers and the trained staff at the homes, centres and hospitals and none of our musicians and teachers are trained therapists. This area is very new in Uganda and we are leading the pack in using music to develop the understanding of inclusion

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Andrew Agassi, Chief Operating Officer at Brass for Africa

Andrew Agassi is the Brass for Africa’s Chief Operating Officer (Global) and also serves as the Uganda Country Director. Agassi is an IT specialist who turned to NGO and Development work previously overseeing development work in the East African Region and Namibia. In 2017, Agassi was driven by curiosity joined Brass for Africa to see and experience how music can be used to bring about social transformation affecting individuals and whole communities.

7 Years later, Brass for Africa is a leading music organization that has applied the power of music to address diverse issues affecting people in Uganda, Rwanda and Liberia


Mugisha GIlbert

Mugisha Gilbert is a Music and Life-skills teacher at Brass for Africa. Like all his teaching colleagues, he is an alumnus of one of Brass for Africa’s programmes. He was instrumental in the initial stages of Brass for Africa’s work at Neuro Development Centres in Kampala. He led a team and was key in documenting lessons around inclusion where both neuro-typical and non-neurotypical participants were engaged.

As a young man who grew up in Uganda and in exclusion, his exposure to the myths and stereotypes about disability now drives his passion to influence change.


Nakachwa Florence

Nakachwa Florence is a Music and Life-skills Teacher at Brass for Africa. Like all her teaching colleagues, Florence is an alumnus of one of Brass for Africa programmes in Kampala, from where she did her Brass for Africa music qualifications to become a teacher. Florence is very passionate about community and inclusion both for persons living with disability and displaced persons.

She is one of the pioneers of the LAB UGANDA and Community Music project that serves the South Sudanese refugees living in the BidiBidi Refugee Settlement in Northern Uganda. She has also been part of projects working with children living with Autism with a keen interest of creating awareness. Nakachwa is currently a Firebird Fellow under the Hilti Foundation’s Academy for Impact Through Music (aimpowers.org).