Dr. Xanthoula DAKOVANOU, MA, PhD. Medical doctor, Musician-Composer, Music Therapist MA, Doctor in Psychoanalysis and Psychopathology. Athens Psychiatric Hospital / Visiting Lecturer @ Sorbonne Paris 5 University, NKUA, Nantes Music Therapy Institute

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The Analytical Musicodrama is an innovative music therapy protocol combining receptive music therapy (musical listening), active music therapy (improvisation with voice and/or instruments), drawing, writing and musical role playing. It is indicated amongst psychiatric populations of adults and adolescents suffering from pathologies where a lack in early symbolization and a difficulty in verbal expression is observed : trauma, personality disorders, psychoses, psychosomatic disorders, neuroses etc. The protocol was introduced by Dr. Dakovanou in 2010 and has been since taught at Paris Sorbonne University, NKUA and the Music Therapy Institute of Nantes among others. It has been clinically used both in France and in Greece. In this presentation we are describing the method and its theoretical basis, which includes principles of music and meaning, group analysis, transference and countertransference phenomena etc. We are also presenting a case study related to Analytical Musicodrama and Symbolization in a patient suffering from psychiatric trauma.

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