David Sonnenschein, CEO IQSONICS & Dr. Hayoung Lim

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SING AND SPEAK 4 KIDS, an online music-based program, supports young children with speech delays/impairments (including autism and English Language Learners) with game play, in-program assessments, progress tracking, and parent training modules. Explore how this fun, evidence-based, cost effective tool is used by teachers, clinicians and parents, and how music promotes neuroplasticity, educational benefits and social engagement. Participants will experience and learn: 1) SS4Kids demonstration that provides experiential knowledge on the use and benefits of this innovative music-based speech-language intervention. 2) Game Based Learning application in an accessible online program, expressed in the UDL (Universal Design of Learning) and TOC (Theory of Change). 3) Effective teacher-parent video training to form collaborative team. 4) Data collection, progress tracking with informative graphic interface. 5) Theoretical, educational and neuropsychological foundation for music-based language learning. 6) Results of clinical trial funded by U.S. Dept. of Education, showing statistically significant outcomes for target word production.

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