Rafael Ramirez-Melendez, Dr, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

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Music plays has the capacity to modulate emotions. Music therapy has been successfully used to exploit this capacity of music in order to treat several conditions. This research attempts to examine the influence of different music-based stimuli in the emotional state of a group of subjects. We investigate and compare the efficacy of four different music-based affect induction procedures. We recorde the EEG activity of 30 Participants (12 males) while they underwent four different affect induction procedures: (1) listening to recorded music with affective content, (2) listening to live music with affective content, (3) recall of an emotional event accompanied by recorded congruent music, and (4) recall of an emotional event accompanied by live congruent music. All four affect induction methods were successful in inducing affective states. The listening to live music and recall procedures were most effective in enhancing positive affect. This has implications for music therapy practice.

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