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Led by: Alexander Pantelyat, Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Music and Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Participants: Dr. Monique van Bruggen Rufi, PhD, Soo JI Kim, Ph.D., MT-BC, KCMT, Kyurim Kang, Ph.D., LPMT, MT-BC, NMT, Kerry Devlin, MMT, LPMT, MT-BC, Brian Harris, MA, MT-BC, NMT-F, & Dr. Alfredo Raglio, PhD

This Special Interest Group (SIG) will build on its IAMM 2020 experience and focus on updates music therapy and other music and rhythm-based interventions for movement disorders--a field that has moved forward rapidly in the past several years. The SIG will synthesize evidence from clinical studies on rhythmic auditory stimulation, therapeutic music performance, singing and dance for PD, and other types of neurologic music therapy and music medicine. The SIG will develop a plenary session on this topic at the 2022 IAMM conference that will include multidisciplinary participation from international leaders in the field of neurologic music therapy and researchers on music and rhythm-based interventions. The expected outcome of this SIG is the creation of a white paper, based on up-to-date evidence from existing studies coupled with expert opinion from leaders in the field. 

Soo JI Kim, Ph.D., MT-BC, KCMT

Kyurim Kang, Ph.D., LPMT, MT-BC, NMT

Kerry Devlin, MMT, LPMT, MT-BC

Brian Harris, MA, MT-BC, NMT-F

Dr. Alfredo Raglio, PhD

Dr. Monique van Bruggen Rufi, PhD

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