Dr. Mamta Sharma ; Aashita Mehta - Punjabi University Patiala, Punjab , India

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Research on Autism lags behind in comparison to the other psychiatric and medical condition. Music therapy has a positive impact on communication, social, cognitive, and behavioral skills of children with autism spectrum disorders. However, there’s lesser Research on Musical Scaffolding, introduced by Wiggins (2011) symbolizing that music can play a similar scaffolding function (instructional method to less knowledgeable child) to enhance the social-functioning domain to “block out” unwanted stimuli and generate greater focus on social skills, awareness, social facilitation, & overall social-functioning. The present research paper examines the effect of Musical Scaffolding comprising of both rhythm and melody/swar (musical notes) on Social-Functioning domain of 30 ASD children (15 in Experimental & 15 in Control group). There are 40 minutes therapy sessions, twice a week for total 8 weeks. Pre-Post Experimental Control group design has been used to assess the efficacy of Musical Scaffolding. Results would be discussed during Conference presentation.

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