Mark Ettenberger, PhD, MA, MT

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Mechanical ventilation often causes anxiety, pain and mental health challenges for patients in the Intensive Care Unit. In this presentation, the experiences, and preliminary results from a pilot study on music therapy with mechanically ventilated patients will be presented. 15 patients will be randomized to either a Music-Assisted Relaxation group, a therapeutic music listening group, or a control group. Interventions will be provided once a day on four consecutive days, for 30-40 minutes each. Primary outcome measure is perceived anxiety as measured with the short version of the Stat-Trait Anxiety Inventory. Secondary outcomes are pain levels, resilience, agitation/delirium, vital signs and the use of sedation or analgesics. In a few patients in the intervention group, additional EEG measurements will be made. This pilot study proceeds a larger multi-center trial on this topic and is the first study on music therapy and mechanically ventilated patients in Colombia.

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