Dr. Frances le Roux Honorary member of IAMM Editorial Board of Music Medicine Journal

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COVID-19 pandemic is a global health crisis with physical and mental disorders, especially for elderly. Resilience or the ability to bounce back or recover from stress and negative emotions are important for well-being. Music is a powerful, pleasurable stimulus that can induce positive well-being and promoting cognition. A combination of non-pharmaceutical interventions can produce more benefits. Several studies support the notion that physical activity can help alleviate the negative impact of age on body and mind. Physical exercise combined with music induces greater positive effects on cognition function, well-being and lead to neuroanatomical changes. Music and exercise cross the disciplines of bio-mechanics, neurology, physiology and sport psychology and bring social and spiritual benefits. This literature review aims to provide an overview on studies that have explored physical activity and the aging brain. And how music combined with physical activity can positively have an impact on emotional well-being of the elderly.

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