Dr. Kate Bautch, adjunct faculty of psychology, San Joaquin Delta College

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This pilot study examines comparative effectiveness of self-administered therapeutic playlists in the treatment of anxiety symptoms. Interventions include the musical contour regulation playlist (MCR-P) and a one-directional mood vectoring playlist (MV-P). Measures included the Spielberger State Trait Anxiety Inventory, and a Likert-type scale for participants to rate pre- to post-listening anxiety levels. Both interventions are grounded in existing research in music therapy, psychotherapy, and neuroscience. Findings indicated a significant relationship between use of the MCR-P and a reduction in symptoms of state and trait anxiety in participants with high pretest trait anxiety (state p = 0.023; trait p = 0.037), and state anxiety scores in all participants (state p = 0.026). All participants showed a significant relationship between use of the MCR-P and a reduction in pre- to post-listening anxiety (p = 0.029). Findings indicate this may be an effective tool to assist in management of anxiety symptoms.

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