Filippo Giordano, MA - MT-IC, University of Bari, Department of Emergency and Organs Transplantation

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of a single session of Music therapy (MT) compared to standard care on anxiety, heart rate (HR), oxygen saturation (O2Sat) and satisfaction with Covid-19 patients hospitalized.
Participants were assigned to control group (CG n=20) and recevied standard care, or MT group (MG n=20) and received an individual single session of MT in presence. MG and CG were subjected to identical measurements (pre-during-post) of the parameters STAI Y-1, HR and O2Sat. MG patients' were asked to fill in an optional open-ended question.
Significant difference in anxiety levels between scores in MG and CG (34.50 (23.25 - 40.00) vs 45.00(38, 25 - 54.00); p = 0.000) was observed. MG compared to CG had statistically significantly higher values of O2Sat (97.50 (96.25 - 99.00) versus 96.00 (96.00- 98.00); p = 0.026). A single session of MT improves O2Sat and can significantly reduce anxiety.

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