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Chairs: Dr Athanasios Dritsas and Dr Fotis Papathanasiou.

Participants: Jakob Steinhauer, Lina Tonia, Alexandros Stefanidis, Christina Chrysohoou

This round table aims to approach the similarities between the non-linear arrangement of micro-and macrocosmos phenomena and their relation to philosophy and art. The lectures and the ensuing discussion will cover several topics such as: Johannes Keppler’s harmony of spheres to modern «sound transformation» analysis of the magnetic fields of planets; the analogy of the helicoid anatomy of heart muscle along with novel diagnostic and therapeutic methods for heart failure therapy. The last presentation will focus on the «dissonant» chord of Wagner’s opera Tristan and the philosophical approach for a mental and spiritual inner harmony and thus it’s potential as a healing power. 


In the field of medicine, cardiac function is regulated by the main aspect of music, which is rhythm, and a cardiologist is often called to act as a moderator in a music scene, trying to find a balance between rhythm, harmony (cardiovascular structure) and melody (function). In this round table will try to illustrate how  long-lasting occupation with a music instrument and having the chance to grow-up in an environment promoting music education can affect the perception of a physician and especially acting everyday clinical practice as a cardiologist.

Dr Athanasios Dritsas

Dr Fotis Papathanasiou

Jakob Steinhauer

Dr. Lina Tonia

Dr Alexandros Stefanidis

Dr Christina Chrysohoou

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