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Chairs: Dr Dimitris Kyriazis and Dr Athanasios Dritsas

Participants: Prof. Christodoulos Flordellis, Eleni Philippachi PhD, Prof. Yannis Stavrakakis 

In his presentation, Prof. Flordellis will describe the radical plasticity of the brain: its ability to change with experience at the synaptic, chromatin, neuronal circuit, and whole-brain levels. And he will refer to how neuroplasticity serves, among others, the musical dimension in the communication of the unconscious.

Recently, analytic listening has been re-described to include listening not just to semantic content but to other aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication between patient and analyst: the musicality of analytic prose, the material qualities of the voice, the varied meanings of silence express the transferential and counter-transferential responses to the analytic condition and are considered essential to the therapeutic process. Eleni Philippachi will focus primarily on the multiple functions of the voice in the oral/aural exchange between patient and therapist. She is suggesting that paying attention to the expressive and performative qualities of the voice allows an imaginative access to unconscious, pre-discursive mental content that otherwise may not be graspable by either patient or analyst.

Athanasios Dritsas MD, FESC

Dimitris Kyriazis, MD, PhD

Christodoulos S. Flordellis, MD, PhD

Eleni Philippachi, BA, PhD, ΜSc PsychPsych

Yannis Stavrakakis, PhD

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