Dr. Alison Short

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Although focusing particularly on physical recovery, the cardiac rehabilitation journey must also address psychosocial issues for recovery and secondary prevention benefits. The music psychotherapy modality of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) effectively addresses this clinical need. Resulting from previous work, this presentation explores the way that the music itself resonates and amplifies effects within GIM practice for this clinical population. It systematically explores patient references to the music during GIM sessions for six participants (aged 57-72 years) undertaking six weekly GIM sessions at two major hospitals, starting 6-12 weeks postoperatively. Based on a narrative semiotic qualitative analysis, the emergent grand theme, “Sounding the changes” comprises four sub-themes: 1) Directing the action, 2) Evoking feelings, 3) Voicing together, and 4) Unfolding communication. Self-reported responses to the music were informative about the patient journey, providing further insights for individualising the role of music in GIM within cardiac rehabilitation.

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