IAMM With You: In Conversation 

Join us for this series of live-streamed interviews with professionals around the world who work and play at the intersection of music and medicine/health, meeting approximately twice per month.

Leading scholars, researchers, educators, therapists, musicians, practitioners, and other visionaries offer their expertise in various specialties through an online interview or concert/presentation and open discussion. In the first 30 minutes, they present their current work, its development, and perspectives on the future of music and medicine/health, then respond to questions and comments for another 30 minutes. Immediately following the Q&A, students will be invited to meet together for an additional 30 minutes to continue the discussion with a student moderator.

These experts will also provide reading lists, playlists, websites, or audio/video files for future reference and investigation. The series is being developed with IAMM student members in mind, as well as colleagues who love to learn. 

IAMM Global Café

IAMM Global Café (IGC) is a virtual networking event for IAMM members across the world. These Cafés will meet every other month, starting on 16/17 February, 2021, hosted by members of IAMM’s Committee on Global Reporting.

Global Café - Africa

The next IGC focuses on the possible intersection of music and medicine/health in Africa. Nsamu Moonga will host a panel of practitioners actively engaged in music and medicine/health in different African countries. Participants will have the opportunity to converse with the co-hosts, as well as each other.

IAMM Global Café - Africa Spotlight is hosted by Nsamu Moonga.

Member, Global Reporting Committee, IAMM

All IAMM members are welcome to attend these Global Cafes. Please join with a cup of coffee, tea, or your choice of libation, and enjoy the conversation!  

Previous Global Cafés

The first IGC spotlighted members from East Asia, and engages co-hosts who are actively engaged in music and medicine in different East Asian countries. This event was hosted by Jing-Wen Zhang, PhD Candidate, MS, MT-BC and co-hosted by:

  • Jin-Hyung Lee, PhD, MT-BC, KCMT 
  • Rongrong Wang, PhD, MD
  • Yun Wen, MA, Registered Music Therapist
  • Rieko Eguchi, MA, MT-BC, CCLS