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Dr. Frances le Roux is author of the article “A Review of Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation in Varying Health Care Contexts” from the latest volume of Music & Medicine.


What is the main objective and potential audience of this article?

A. To provide advanced knowledge of RAS in healthcare, for the good of the International Association for Music and Medicine (IAMM) and to improve the health of these particular patients worldwide.

B. The potential audience is music therapists, neurologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

What advice could be given to physiotherapists to introduce this approach into their practice and how could music therapists be of benefit in this multimodal technique?

Physiotherapists could be advised of the benefits of integrating music therapy with physiotherapy.

Music therapists can assist physiotherapists with the right RAS tools (song writing combined with auditive cueing) and delivery methods for each individual patient.

What future research or areas of exploration would benefit the field and application of this technique?

Rhythm is such an essential element both of music and motor control functions that this neurologic music therapy can also be more explored in other fields such as orthopedic rehabilitation and sport injuries.

Rhythmic organization in music, can also be a powerful medium to stimulate communication in speech therapy treatments, and should be explored.

About Dr. Frances le Roux

Dr. Frances le Roux worked for 31 years in a private physiotherapy practice in Fish Hoek South Africa. She obtained a masters degree on The Effect of Largo Tempo Music and Pain and a doctoral degree on The Effect of Music on Emotions, Lung Functions and the Immune Systems of People with Lung Infections.

She has written numerous articles on Music and Health for the Natural Medicine Journal, International Music Medicine Journal and South African Physiotherapy Journal. She has published the following books: Music is Healing, Music and Babies, and Music and Natural Medicine.

She retired in July 2020 from her practice and now does full time research and writing. She is an honorary member of the ISMM and IAMM.

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Renee Dundas · November 12, 2020 at 5:02 am

Combining Music Therapy with your practice is essential. What types of interventions have you seen that may work for individuals on the Spectrum?

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