“I Can‘t Breathe”: Listening to the Sounds of Converging Messages and Considering Their Relevance to Music and Medicine

Joanne Loewy & Ralph Spintge

Full Length Articles

Preventing Music Performance Anxiety (MPA): Music Students Judge Combined Depth Relaxation Music Therapy (DRMT) and Silence to be an Effective Methodology

Eric Pfeifer, Christine Stolterfoth, Claudia Spahn, Hans Ulrich Schmidt, Tonius Timmermann, and Marc Wittmann

Virtual reality feedback influences musicians’ physical responses and mental attitude towards performing

Lisa Aufegger and David Wasley

Impact of Music on Oncology Hospital Staff’s Well-being

Céline Delerue and Sandra Rabusseau

Music-Based Interventions with Care Partners of Adult Care Recipients: An Integrative Review

Lindsey Wilhelm and Kyle Wilhelm

Self-reported reasons for listening to music for sleep

Gaelen Thomas Dickson and Emery Schubert

Determinants of Preventative Behaviors for Health Promotion in Brazilian Musicians

Thaís Branquinho Oliveira Fragelli and Isolda de Araújo Gunther

Guided Imagery and Music During Active Treatment for Gynecologic Cancer: Results of a Feasibility Study

Evangelia Papanikolaou, Cathy Mckinney, and Niels Hannibal