As a member of IAMM, you have two accounts:

  1. An account for our main website (, where you can check your membership status, billing and renewal information, as well as members-only content.
  2. An account to read the journal Music and Medicine ( You log in here to read the current and past issues of our Journal.

While it is most likely that you have the same username for both platforms, it is also possible that you may have different usernames and passwords for each account. We recommend you write down your information in a secure location.

You can log in to your account on our main website at any point by clicking on the “log in” link on the top right corner of our website or by going to In the “username” field you can enter either your username or the email address you used to register. If you forgot your password, you can find a link to reset your password by scrolling down.

Screenshot 2021-07-19 at 21.11.49

After logging in, you will be redirected to your account page. At any point you can return to this page by clicking on “Account,” also on the top right corner of the website.

Here you can edit any of the information you provided when registering. Notice that there is a field that says “Do you wish to have your membership renew automatically each year?” Changing this does not automatically cancel the renewal of your membership, this question is only used for first-time members. You can still edit your answer but to make actual changes to your subscription, click on “Subscriptions” underneath the header of the account page.

Screenshot 2021-07-19 at 21.16.37

On the Subscriptions page you can see all current and past subscriptions on our system. You do not need to worry about past subscriptions that have a “No” under the third column labeled “Active.” For active memberships you can see in the second column when the next billing date is scheduled to occur.

Screenshot 2021-07-19 at 21.18.21

Notice that if you used PayPal to start your membership, then you need to manage your payment details by logging into your PayPal account. You can also stop your membership from renewing directly from PayPal. Please see this PayPal page for more information.

If you used a credit card for your membership, notice that under your Subscriptions information, you can see three options in the column to the right for your active membership: Update, Pause, or Cancel. Change your credit card information by clicking on “Update.” To prevent your membership from renewing, click on “Cancel.” Your current membership will continue active but the renewal will be cancelled.

You can also decide to “Pause” your membership for some time. If you click on this option, you will be able to resume your membership at a later time.

Currently, there is no single page that hosts all members-only content, but do notice that recordings from past events and selected content are only accessible for members who have signed in.

Notice there is a search function on the top bar of our website. We encourage you to do a search for your topics of interest as there might be past events or blog posts that you can find on our website.

If at any point you run into issues, simply send us an email at