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Led by: Camila F. Pfeiffer, MA/MT-BA, Lic., NMT-fellow

The SIG on Global Perspectives on Music Therapy Assessments will offer a comprehensive overview on a variety of standardized and non-standardized music based assessments utilized around the globe for developed for different client populations. The focus of this group lies on the specific role of music as a means to identify, observe, understand, and make meaning of the needs and potentials of individuals. We will communicate how these observations contribute to clinical diagnoses; interdisciplinary treatment; to guide therapeutic goals, and clinical decisions; to identify changes occurring in therapy over time, and to provide guidelines to communicate about music therapy to other professional fields.

Furthermore, the cultural adequacy of music therapy assessment procedures, as well as cultural context, in which they are administered are a central focus of this SIG group. This SIG group will offer perspectives on Music Therapy Assessment drawing from their expansive, diverse, and international clinical, pedagogical, research and theoretical experiences and perspectives, as the diversity of philosophical foundations of music therapy practice are displayed in assessments, as well.

Camila F. Pfeiffer, MA/MT-BA, Lic., NMT-fellow

Gray Baldwin, MA, MT-BC

Gustavo Schulz Gattino, PhD

Orii McDermott, PhD

Thomas Bergmann, PhD

Eric G. Waldon, Ph.D., MT-BC

Wendy L. Magee, PhD

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