Harmonizing Healing: AI’s Intersection with Music and Medicine


Explore the industry's present and future in our webinar focused on music therapy and AI in South Australia. We start with an in-depth look at current music therapy practices, spotlighting techniques, patient outcomes, and local successes. The conversation will then transition to the exciting potential of AI in this field, Read more…

Tune into Inclusion: Bridging Gaps through Music in Uganda


Growing up as a person with a disability or a special condition in a society that is not sensitive to one’s challenges and needs can be extremely limiting, frustrating and isolating. We use music to ensure that children and young people living with a disability, or a special condition are Read more…

Introduction to the Music Breathing Method


Music Breathing (MB) is an adaptation of the "Guided Imagery and Music" (GIM) method. It is an advance technique designed for work with stress/anxiety disorders and trauma. Music Breathing can be applied for fostering resilience in times of increased societal stress. The emphasis is on the awareness and modulation of Read more…

Music Therapy and Music-Based Interventions in Neurology


Neurological conditions often encompass a wide range of physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges that require a comprehensive and multifaceted approach. By embracing a holistic perspective and drawing from the insights of individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, music-based interventions can address the complex interplay of these dimensions in a patient's Read more…

The International Association for Music and Medicine organizes an international conference every two years. In addition to that, IAMM organizes diverse events throughout the year.

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IAMM & ISfAM - Berlin 2024

The Future of Music and Arts in Medicine and Health

A Joint Event With the 1st Congress of the International Society for Arts and Medicine (ISfAM)

Join us for the 8th IAMM Conference in Berlin, Germany (and online) on September 18-21, 2024. Explore the integration of arts, medicine, and health, collaborate with global experts, and shape the future of this exciting field. Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more details.

Don't miss this exciting joint event with the 1st Congress of ISfAM, uniting arts and medicine!

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